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Federal Crime-Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute Drugs. Result-Time Served.

January 2022

Client was federally indicted of Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute 500 grams of methamphetamine. Client faced a maximum possible sentence of up to 40 years of incarceration. After negotiations, he pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Possess and Distribute only 50 grams of methamphetamine. Client was sentenced to only 4 years in prison, the minimum possible penalty for that violation.

At the time of his conviction, Client was already serving time in prison for related crimes at the state level (Drug Trafficking), wherein he was represented by a different attorney. Client could have been required to serve his federal sentence consecutively (back-to-back) with his state sentence. Instead, Client's sentences were imposed concurrently (to be served at the same time) because Attorney Fogt argued that both cases involved the same course of criminal conduct. This greatly reduced the amount of time Client had to spend incarcerated and as a result, Client did NOT receive any additional time for his federal conviction.

Practice area(s): Federal Crime

Court: Federal-Southern District Court of Ohio

Christopher Fogt

Education Christopher Fogt attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Case Western is a nationally recognized law school with an esteemed faculty. He is a proud alumni. Christopher Fogt is also a proud alumni of University of Dayton where he graduated with two Bachelor of Art Degree...


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