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Criminal Defense for Young Adults

Fogt Law Can Help Young Adults

Fogt Law has helped many, many, young adults, including college students with thefts and other crimes. In addition, Fogt Law has helped them with OVI's and other traffic violations. We understand that you may have made a bad decision or been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As with all clients and cases, we carefully review the evidence, investigate the matter, and present your defense. If a plea is in our client's best interest, we negotiate a favorable outcome with the State. Some jurisdictions have a diversion program that upon completion, your case is dismissed. Other things like good grades and/or proof of employment are helpful. Sometime we have our clients take an applicable class as necessary (theft, alcohol, drug) prior to or after a pre-trial.

At Fogt Law, we make sure you understand the whole legal process. This includes information about your case, court procedure, the maximum penalty of the charge, the likely outcome, your options, and finally collateral consequences. Collateral consequences of certain convictions can negatively affect job opportunities, the ability to obtain federal student loans, and the eligibility to seal your criminal record. This website is helpful to understand collateral consequences Civil Impacts of Criminal Convictions under Ohio Law.

In other words, Fogt Law ensures you have all the information you need during every part of your case. We care about you and every client. 

Fogt Law is here to help you now, so that you can have a bright future!


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