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Juvenile Law

Juvenile Delinquency

Just like adults, juveniles can be falsely accused of crimes. Also, kids sometimes make mistakes and those decisions should not haunt them for the rest of their lives. Due to lack of experience, their age, lack of maturity, kids can be particularly susceptible to having their rights violated. That makes it even more crucial to hire a skilled attorney, like Christopher Fogt to protect those rights in court. Our office has assisted countless children and their families through the legal obstacles of the juvenile justice system. Young people have nearly their entire lives ahead of them. To protect that future, hire Attorney Christopher Fogt.   

The Juvenile Justice System  

Ohio has 88 counties and each of those counties has a juvenile court. Under Ohio law, juvenile courts typically have jurisdiction over criminal matters involving crimes committed by people under the age of 18. In some ways, juvenile courts are not all that different from adult criminal courts. Juveniles can be charged with the same crimes as adults, from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies. The legal process is also quite similar. In other ways however, the juvenile justice system can be much different. Juveniles and adults do not have the same rights under the law. For example, in contrast to adult defendants, children do not have the right to a trial by jury in most cases. Juvenile cases can still be brought to trial, but verdicts are determined by a judge or magistrate instead. Another difference is that minors are not considered “convicted” if found guilty of a crime, instead they are “adjudicated.” 


Fortunately, juvenile delinquency law in Ohio is more focused on rehabilitation than punishment. Criminal punishments are far more lenient for children than adults. Ohio has many programming opportunities for minor offenders as alternatives to incarceration, such as mental health counseling, addiction treatment, educational classes, electronic home monitoring, community service, and more.

In some circumstances, minors can be sentenced to incarceration, but they are sent to juvenile detention facilities, rather than jails. In serious felony cases, offenders can be sent to the Department of Youth Services (DYS) for longer periods of time. The juvenile detention system provides general curriculum schooling at all facilities so that minors can continue their educations if incarnated.

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Attorney Fogt has years of experience advocating for juvenile clients. He has represented children accused of a wide variety of offenses, from low-level violations to the most serious crimes like murder. Attorney Fogt has the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the unique complexities of the juvenile justice system to ensure that his clients rights are protected.  Being accused of a crime can be a stressful and overwhelming situation for young people. Fogt Law Office stays in frequent communication with our clients and their families to help guide them through every step of the process. If you know a juvenile who has made a mistake or is being falsely accused, contact our office to consult with Attorney Fogt about the case. Call (937) 254-2600 or email [email protected] today.


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