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Sealing Criminal Record

Record Sealing

Having a criminal record can cause many hardships. Background checks can make it difficult for people with a criminal history to apply for jobs, access credit, secure housing, and further their education. Moving on from prior legal trouble can pose a serious challenge. However, if a criminal record is successfully sealed, it will not appear on court dockets or background checks and will essentially be treated as if it never occurred. Record sealing is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the lives of those who have dealt with the criminal justice system.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone is eligible to file to seal a criminal record as long they have not been convicted of more than five felonies if all of the offenses in this state are felonies of the fourth or fifth degree or misdemeanors and none of those offenses are an offense of violence or a felony sex offense

However, not all crimes can be to be sealed.

What Charges Cannot Be Sealed?

  • First and second-degree felonies
  • Any felony involving mandatory prison time
  • OVI and other traffic violations
  • Most sex crimes and crimes of violence
  • Crimes involving a victim under the age of 16

When Can I File?

How soon you can file to seal a criminal record depends on the number of convictions and the seriousness of the crimes. A criminal record cannot be sealed until the entire sentence has been served. In addition, all fines and restitution have to be paid in full.



Eligible to File After Expiration of Sentence and Payment of Fines and Restitution


1 year

1 Felony

3 years

2 Felonies

4 years

3-5 Felonies

5 years


What If I Was Not Convicted?

Unfortunately, past criminal accusations can still have negative consequences even if you were not convicted. For example, potential employers can access docket information regarding prior charges regardless of whether it resulted in conviction.This can lead to wrongful assumptions and often costs valuable opportunities. You can still have your record sealed. If you were charged with a crime, it is important to contact Fogt Law Office to have your record sealed.

Sealing Your Record

To request for a criminal record to be sealed, an application must be filed in the court where you were convicted. After the application is filed, a hearing is scheduled and a legal argument must be presented as to why the record should be sealed. It is important to hire an experienced attorney to assist you with the process because a judge will rule on whether the record is to be sealed Attorney Christopher Fogt has an extensive and successful track record of sealing criminal records. Once a criminal record has been sealed, background checks and court records will no longer provide any information about the conviction.

Can Juvenile Records Be Sealed?

Yes, juvenile criminal records can be sealed. Many people make mistakes when they are young, but those decisions should not haunt them for the rest of their lives. Individuals with juvenile criminal records can potentially lose valuable opportunities unless they apply to have their records sealed. Contact Attorney Christopher Fogt to discuss filing to seal your juvenile record to protect your future. 

Fogt Law Can Help

After a criminal record has been sealed, Fogt Law Office assists clients by contacting a multitude of private companies and organizations to demand that all information regarding the conviction be destroyed. This is vitally important because many websites continue to retain and display such information even after a record has been officially sealed. Most firms do not provide this service, which is essential to ensure that the public does not have access to the information.


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