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  • OVI

    You had a rough night, now you need help. Attorney Fogt can help. He is certified in the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests just like the police. He has over 104 hours of OVI education. Let Attorney Fogt’s experience and knowledge work for you.

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  • Family Law

    Divorce and other related matters can be stressful. Attorney Fogt will answer your questions, explain the process, and work hard to achieve the best result for you and your children.

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  • Criminal Law

    Attorney Fogt has handled hundreds of criminal cases including serious felonies as well as misdemeanors. Attorney Fogt strongly advocates for his clients and has obtained favorable results for his clients all over Ohio and in Federal Court.

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Spot On Advice

Mr. Fogt is incredibly knowledgeable as well as thorough. In each instance, he provided me with spot on advice. I trust him implicitly...
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Very Good

Chris has helped us with several different matters over the last three years. He has the ability to look at things from different viewpoints...
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Amazing Job

Christopher did an amazing job for me. He exceeded expectations. I would feel very comfortable using him in the future....
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Highly Recommend

Chris Fogt was my attorney for a DUI case about two years ago. Chris helped me immensely, as he was always available when I had...
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Life has unexpected moments whether it is an OVI, a divorce, a criminal or a traffic offense, or financial hardship. Fogt Law Office has the knowledge and experience to help you with these matters and more. Attorney Christopher M. Fogt strongly advocates for his clients to achieve the best results. Attorney Fogt is a true professional and communicates effectively with his clients, opposing attorneys, and the Court. He is consistently in contact with his clients to ensure they are fully informed during the course of their matter. Each client's case is important and unique. Attorney Fogt is a compassionate problem solver that will work hard for you.

Client Focused

Fogt Law Office understands that you need someone to listen and understand and most importantly, help you. He is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for you. Attorney Fogt will discuss your matter in detail and give you honest, practical advice.

Legal Education and Memberships

Attorney Fogt attended Case Western Reserve School of Law. He was fortunate to learn from a highly respected faculty that challenged students and inspired them to be great advocates for their clients. His legal education did not end there though. All attorneys are required to earn certain Continuing Legal Education credits each year. Attorney Fogt exceeds the required credits. He has 104 hours of additional OVI training alone. In fact, Attorney Fogt has successfully completed the same Standardized Field Sobriety Tests that law enforcement has. He also has more than 30 hours of additional credit in Federal Criminal Law.

Attorney Fogt is also a member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. This organization is comprised of experienced, knowledgable, and intelligent, helpful defense attorneys who are dedicated to helping each other and their clients. He is also a member of the Montgomery County Family Forum that holds multiple seminars a year on various topics on divorce.

Trial Attorney

Attorney Fogt is a trial attorney. He has had successful jury and bench trials. Attorney Fogt has also represented clients in hundreds of hearings in criminal matters and divorce proceedings. He knows your case and is prepared. Attorney Fogt tells your story through witnesses and evidence and protects your interests and rights. Many attorneys are too nervous or find excuses to avoid trials and hearings. Attorney Fogt strongly represents his clients at trial and in hearings.

Effective Communicator

Attorney Fogt is an effective communicator. His background as a former amateur stand-up comedian, former college rugby coach, and currently a high school basketball coach has further helped his communication skill. An important part of communication is considering the other side's point of view. This method may lead to collaboration between the parties, which often leads to a favorable outcome for our clients.

Organization and Technology

Fogt Law Office is organized. Your information is not scattered throughout the office, it is neatly and privately kept. Technology is utilized to assist Attorney Fogt to best represent his clients including software to keep updated on case law and much, much more. Attorney Fogt is also tech savvy, which helps in various ways including communication, reviewing discovery, preparing for trial, and trial itself. 

Fresh Start

Sometimes you have an unexpected difficult life event. Whether it is an OVI, a criminal matter, a bankruptcy, or a divorce, Fogt Law Office is here to help in all these areas and others. Fogt Law Office can give you a Fresh Start.

Practice Areas


Felony and Misdemeanor, SFST Certified, Over 99 hours of legal education, Traffic Offense, and more.


Dissolutions, Divorces, Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Spousal Support, Assets/Debts, Post-Decree, Guardian-ad-Litem and more.


Drugs, Trafficking, Robbery, Burglary, Sex Offense, Theft, Assault, Obstruction, Probation Violation, and more.


Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, Grandparent Rights, Guardian-ad-Litem, and more.


Chapter 7.

Probate, Wills & Deeds

Federal Criminal Law

Drugs, Trafficking, Guns, White-Collar Crime, Conspiracies, Sex Offenses, Identity Theft, and more.


Fogt Law Office is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Dayton, OH