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State v. Client (Criminal & OVI)

September 2020

Client was charged with Aggravated Vehicular Assault, a 3rd degree felony and an OVI, a 1st degree misdemeanor. Client was facing years in prison due to his passenger being injured as a result of an accident. The police had obtained a warrant for a sample for a blood draw as part of the basis of his OVI charge. A blood draw OVI is very difficult case to handle. There are a lot of records that must be requested from the State, the police, and medical providers to understand what happened. By having knowledge and experience with these cases our office was able to thoroughly investigate the incident. We also filed a motion to suppress to challenge the blood results. Due to our efforts and with the help of our client, we were able to reduce the 3rd degree felony to a 4th degree felony and the client received community control sanctions (probation) as a result. The client was very happy as he kept his job and received minimal sanctions. 

Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

Christopher Fogt

Education Christopher Fogt attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Case Western is a nationally recognized law school with an esteemed faculty. He is a proud alumni. Christopher Fogt is also a proud alumni of University of Dayton where he graduated with two Bachelor of Art Degree...


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