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Changes to Having Your Criminal Record Sealed (April 12, 2021)

Posted by Christopher Fogt | Apr 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

Record Sealing

Those who have experience with the justice system know that having a criminal background can make it difficult to move forward in life. Fortunately, past mistakes do not have to remain a hinderance forever. Record sealing is among the most important services Fogt Law Office provides to improve the lives of clients. Sealing your criminal record can open the door to countless new opportunities.

Changes to Eligibility

The Ohio legislature recently made changes to the timeframe that applicants have to wait to seal certain crimes. If you have been convicted of low-level felonies, you may be eligible to seal your criminal record sooner than expected. Effective April 12, 2021, those who have convicted of fourth or fifth-degree felonies now only have to wait one year to apply or record sealing instead of three years.

Other aspects of the law remain unchanged. Applicants must serve their entire sentence and pay all fines and restitution before they are eligible. Third-degree felonies still require applicants to wait three years to apply. Felonies of the first or second-degree, felonies involving mandatory prison time, traffic offenses, violent crimes, certain sex crimes, and crimes involving minor victims are still ineligible for sealing. In addition, to be eligible, an applicant must have a criminal record with no felonies of the first, second, or third-degree or in the alternative, no more than two felonies and no more than four misdemeanors. These number of convictions can vary depending on whether they were connected to the same act or occurred at the same time. 

Sealing your criminal record can make it easier to apply for jobs, access credit, secure housing, further your education, obtain licenses, and more. If you are ready for a fresh start, contact Fogt Law Office or visit Sealing Criminal Record to learn more.



Eligible to File After Expiration of Sentence and Payment of Fines and Restitution

3rd Degree Felony

3 years

4th and 5th Degree Felony

1 year


1 year


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