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I was lucky to have been recommended Mr. Fogt's services via word of mouth (as he doesn't seem to play the mass-media game). He was instrumental in getting my OVI reduced to a Physical Control with minimum Greene County (very tough on OVIs) of all places!! Mr. Fogt was initially refuted by the prosecutor, whereby he then pulled out all the counter-measures (including board-certified knowledge of Breathalyzers) he had amassed in my case, and proceeded to get the OVI reduced anyway.
Christopher Fogt has the same level of professional knowledge and OVI-certified-training (ask him) as other more high profile/fee lawyers with the tenacity of an experienced upstart that may be lacking in other lawyers (I browsed this website). It sounds cliche, but I was definitely not treated as "just another case".
In addition to the heartfelt concern and professionalism in which Mr. Fogt handled my case, his fees were very affordable and perhaps not even equivalent to the great service he provided me. I'm certain Mr. Fogt would never promote this himself, but I got the distinct impression he has worked very hard for everything he has attained and draws no line between himself and his client's cases. I am convinced Mr. Fogt will be a long time force in the local practice of Law and am happy that in the event I may need future services, I will know where to turn.
Needless to say...I recommend him. Thank you Christopher.

– Anonymous


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